Who We Are


Hello we’re Springboard. A team of creative thinkers, branding experts and digital designers. It’s Nice to meet you.

Springboard are a full service advertising and design agency based in the heart of the business district in Liverpool City Centre. With over 20 years experience in the advertising and design sector we have made long term relationships with clients, forming the foundations for successful campaigns. We have been creating, building, growing and solving problems for brands. We do everything from advertising campaigns, full branding services, marketing campaigns, digital design, graphic design, website design and more…

We believe in the power of ideas, and the importance of expressing them in a creative way. Ideas have the unique ability to change how people act, think and feel. All of our campaigns, strategic thinking, content, designs, marketing campaigns and brand creations are based on what we call ‘The Creative Process’.

Inside Springboard Design

Outside Springboard Design

Dale Street Entrance to Springboard

What We Do


The measure of your advertising is its effectiveness. And effective communication requires a lot of research and planning. Only after we have listened to our clients and understood their objectives can we get tactical. We focus on building brand identity and driving response for our clients.

What we are concerned with is creating high quality work that connects to your audience and gets the results you need for your business.


When Springboard, design work for our clients, we prefer to take a strategic and insightful view as to how we create the ‘foundation’ for a brand and not just a logo. It’s very important to consider what is right for the brand and how we want the customer to feel and with this in mind, when we design we don’t focus solely on the aesthetic.

Instead we try to evoke a feeling that’s true to the brand’s heritage, to bring offline brand values into the online world. By combining colour, typography, imagery and copy we try to make it easy for the customer to recognise the brand in the digital space without having to see a logo.


With our digital services we can take your brand to the next level, offering clients the opportunity to establish themselves in the online world, whether that be through a website, social media, seo (search engine optimisation) or digital advertising campaigns.

We create user friendly and professional websites bringing your brands image to the big stage. With our social media and SEO experts we can optimise your website to industry standards.