Portfolio/Lancashire & Blackpool: Adoption Campaign

Sibling Group Adoption Campaign Media Planning & Buying


Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool were keen to get their message out to potential adoptive parents across their region. They were particularly keen to emphasise the need, and benefits of adopting a brothers and sisters, to keep family’s together wherever possible.

By using a mix of complimentary formats to engage individuals at key ’touchpoint’ across their daily lives, images and audio communicate the reality of adoption, as well as the incredible joy and happiness it can bring.

The campaign uses digital roadside billboards, phone kiosk vinyls, key national rail stations, buses across the whole area, along with a DAX digital radio/audio streaming campaign specifically engaging with their target audiences. The campaign communicates the joy that adoption can bring to family life with sibling groups in an eye-catching, light-hearted, down to earth manner.


Radio Commercial


Digital 48 Sheets

4 Sheets

Bus Super Rears