Portfolio/Tranmere Rovers in the Community Brochure

Tranmere Rovers Charity Concertina Brochure: Design and Copywriting

Tranmere Rovers in the Community is a registered charity helping vulnerable and hard-to-reach people. This communication, targeted at individuals and businesses, explains what the charity does and how you might get involved by donating time, services, money or expertise.

The use of ‘customer voice’ raises a common objection with charity work through football clubs; that they are wealthy organisations and that they don’t need our help, not so.

Slip case and insert.

To distinguish the charity’s communications, we added a third colour to the Club’s standardĀ palette of blue and white, this fluorescent is juxtaposed against the brand colours using a diagonal.

350gsm Silk, Printed 4 Colour Process + Special + Seal, A5 12pp concertina fold. Plus slip case.

Print: Zenith Print Group, Pontypridd