Portfolio/Arctic Basecamp: COP26 Guerrilla Campaign

COP26 UN Climate Change Conference Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Springboard worked alongside Moon Rabbit, New York to plan and book this multi-format, digital out of home campaign in and around COP26 UN Climate Change Conference.

To highlight the science and facts behind artic ice-loss, Arctic Basecamp produced and distributed 1,000 bottles of ‘Arctic Melt’ water at the conference. The campaign used this ‘Arctic Melt’ at its centre, alongside several executions to convey the urgency of the issue.

Arctic Basecamp is a unique high-profile science solutions communication platform. Their mission is to ‘speak science to power’ in order to encourage bold climate action. They work with global scientists and world-class organisations and individuals raising awareness of the global risks from Arctic change and to highlight the urgent need for scalable solutions to climate change.

Arctic Melt Bottle Water

And, of course, an iceberg.

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Digital 48 Sheets

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Scotrail Passenger Panels

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