Portfolio/NHS Cheshire: Roll your sleeves up Campaign

Youth Vaccine Participation Campaign

A campaign to encourage youth (18 –30) uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations in Cheshire. All creative, media planning and buying by Springboard.

Rolling your sleeves up is synonymous with getting the job done, completing the task. This is also what you have to do to get your vaccinations. Images reflecting our target audience are used, each showing an individual holding up two fingers – the oft-seen pose of young people when being photographed. This, of course, also relates to the number of vaccinations.

Radio Commercial


Digital 48 Sheets

Social Media

Roadside Digital 6 Sheets

Based on feedback from several focus groups, five reasons were found to be the main drivers to either getting or not getting the COVID vaccine. Ease of booking and accessibility, risks/side-effects (both real and perceived) vs benefits, getting life back to normal, myth-busting and for the good of everyone. Springboard developed multiple creative executions to address these, all based around the previous ‘Roll your sleeves up’ campaign.

We also planned and booked a multi-channel, integrated campaign to reach 18 – 30 year olds in Cheshire that included; DAX audio streaming, roadside 48 sheets & D6 sheets, phone kiosks, bus interiors and rears, gym and retail D6 sheets, social media and printed posters.

Radio Commercial


Roadside 48 Sheets

Bus Interior Panels

Bus Super Rears

Roadside, gym, retail D6 Sheets. Rail 6 & 4 Sheets

Social Media Campaign